Dry Soda Co.

We have featured Dry Soda on the site before (many moons ago), but we have some awesome photos of the bottles, and the new case pack. Check them out after the jump, and read about the design.

Designed by Turnstyle:

"Created for those seeking a sophisticated, non-alcoholic beverage option, DRY Soda Company produces lightly sweet, all-natural, culinary sodas. DRY Soda approached us to create their brand identity and label design with the aim of attracting a discerning culinary audience. In a fashion similar to fine wines, the sodas were developed specifically to be paired with great foods—something you might enjoy in a champagne flute with a nice salmon dinner or filet mignon. To this end, DRY wanted the bottle to look at home in an upscale white tablecloth restaurant or a five-star hotel.

Our design solution was intentionally minimalist. We endeavored to make the bottles sophisticated, but still fresh and inviting. Monochromatic, typographic and screen-printed labels boil product information down to their essence without extraneous bells and whistles. Minimal graphics on clear bottles allow the purity of the product to show through. The owner’s signature on each bottle denotes a sense of craft behind each flavor’s recipe."

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