Optimo & Strukto


Gorgeous packaging for industrial cements. Check it out after the jump.


"Optimo and Strukto are cements produced by CEMEX-DALMACIJACEMENT. The brands are new on the market, so a new, different and strong visual identity was needed. The visual identity had to clearly communicate the different characteristics of each product and those characteristics had to be visible in all additional materials.

“Optimo” and “Strukto” logotypes are designed by an intervention in typography. Colors follow the visual standards of the company. The basic graphic element on packaging are two illustrations of building objects that clearly communicate the purpose of the product (house for Optimo - cement primarily intended for personal use and small craftsmen, and tunnel for Strukto - a cement primarily intended for more complex construction works). The illustrations are designed from red and blue lines that are the basis of CEMEX-DALMACIJACEMENT visual identity. Considering the characteristics of the product and the material of the packaging - paper with protective layer - the solution had o be adjusted to the technical limitations of printing in terms of color, surfaces, printing and raster."

Designed by Croatia based TRIDVAJEDAN. More images after the jump.