Alpha Box & Dice

Alphaboxdice_bottles Abnd_5

New work from Australia based Mash:

"Justin Lane - loveable rogue and wine evangelist approached us to collaborate with him to create a unique brand after years of making other people’s wines famous. Question was how to put years of unbelievable stories, old school methods that date back to the dawn of the grape, made up bathtub methods from Einsten-esque setups and pure genius - onto a 10x10 label... This guy is a  master of story telling through wine and unfortunately conventional rolling hills with cursive brand names would not do here. 

We realised the brand name and the world’s first Alphabet of wines in their tin shed which is now known as The AB&D Wine Salon and has been given the Mash hand painted touch. Each wine unique like a film project, 26 letters, 26 stories all interconnected. Available now ABCD&F - What will surely be a collectors item. Apostle, Blood of Jupiter, Changing Lanes, Dead Winemakers Society, Fog."