Student Spotlight: Abby Brewster


Abby Brewster is a recent graduate of the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Here are some of her recent projects:

Kihoku Skin Care

Kihoku is a Japanese skin care company looking to introduce their
mineral cosmetics line to an international audience. Traditional
Japanese patterns were given a sleek, modern treatment to reference the
heritage of the brand while also positioning its products in a high-end
cosmetics market.

Bridge Street
Fromagerie (BSF)

Bridge Street Fromagerie
is a family-owned cheese shop located in historic Lambertville, NJ. A
series of dual-purpose adhesive labels were designed to secure the
cheese's paper wrapping and to act as informational guides for the
customers. Identifying individual characteristics of the cheese as well
as suggested alcohol pairings, the labels allow Bridge Street's
cheesemongers to share their knowledge with customers even after they've
left the shop.

Triumph Brewery

serving what was recently brewed "in-house," each of Triumph's three
brewpubs has a limited selection of beer available at any given time.
Calling for mass-manufacturing of the bottles upfront, yet only
requiring bottling on site as-needed, the packaging system affords each
location to serve a greater assortment of beer—even as time and space
are limited.

Pre-printed bottles are designed for distribution to all three
breweries; labeled tape permits each location to only package what they
are currently brewing. Shipping between locations allows the brewpubs to
share their current brews, offering customers a wider variety of
beers than what each location solely has on tap.

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