The Dieline Awards: Third Place - Food B - Waitrose Breadsticks


Entrant: Turner Duckworth

Country: UK


Waitrose briefed us to create a new identity for their range of breadsticks. The range had been under-performing, due to lack of visibility within store. Our solution was to focus on the Italian heritage of the range and educate consumers about the difference between Grissini (everyday and kids love them) to Torinesi (pre-dinner party nibble plus additional ingredients). This was achieved by the use of actual size photography of the product against a distinctly rustic graphic background, and of course, actually telling consumers what the product is in large type!

Marketing Objectives:

Waitrose wished to give their range of breadsticks a more recognizable look to boost sales and an understanding of the difference between Grissini and Torinesi. We chose to fulfill their objectives through photography and type choice.