The Dieline Awards: Third Place - Food A - Backyard Farms



Country: USA



Our challenge was to create a sustainable, innovative and ownable package structure and graphic design.

Marketing Objectives:

Backyard Farms was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy fresh, healthy, locally grown produce all year long – delivered to grocery stores within a day of harvest. The brand name emphasizes produce is locally grown. And therefore , the graphic identity and structure had to telegraph this brand persona. With a majority of goods unhoused in packaging in this category, our strategic mandate was to capture the attention of consumers in the produce section of the grocery store. Other key considerations include: use of recycled post-consumer material, protect the tomatoes, allow consumers to see, touch and smell the fresh produce. Ensure Backyard Farms vine-ripened tomatoes stay in optimal condition vs. the often rearranged and spoiled loose produce.

With an innovative new structure and contemporary identity, the overall design is successful in conveying the brand attributes of authentically fresh and locally grown while showcasing the fully vine-ripened tomato product.