Studio Spotlight: Erik G. de Lopidana


Erik is a design student at Idep, Barcelona; Spain:

"This [project] is about a premium selected food by a michelin stars winner chef; Joan Roca, a spanish chef who stands out in his kitchen for the traditional of the ingredients and the traditional base of his work. The idea has been to accentuate the traditional values and the fresh products of this line of nourishment, typical of the Mediterranean diet. The important thing is not the plate in if, but the ingredients and the good hands that have been behind his preparation. The project consists of three boxes for frozen products and an olive oil and a bottle of wine vinegar; quite Mediterranean food. The pack is solved by a principal image of a the  ingredients that have been in use in the recipe of the chef, with an  almost pictorial treatment, and a reservation with a sight of the plate  prepared in the second term; close to the technical characteristics of the plate."