Before & After: Academic Fitness


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Academic Fitness recently had designer (and Dieline blogger!) Megan Cummins freshen up their brand to re-ignite their sales. In blind studies, their product was shown to be the hands-down favorite, however, it lacked the shelf presence and couldn't make it past the first test: grabbing the attention of the consumer from the shelf:

"Upon studying the competition, it was clear that the entire educational software market was overrun by the same aesthetic- curved bands filled with photos, neon colors, white backgrounds, and an overwhelming amount of text. Academic Fitness wanted to re-claim their title as the industry leader. They already had a rock-solid product, now they just needed to be the first to break the mold in the realm of graphic design. 

The new packaging takes away the visual noise and focuses on the key elements for a quick read. The photography is much more approachable and friendly- straying from the stock images of a classroom, which a struggling student may fear. The front panel opens to reveal pages of information, should the consumer wish to learn more. All in all, it instantly stands out against the competition and shows itself to be the premium product that it is in a clean, fresh way."

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