Naked King


We seem to be on the theme of wine packaging this morning, so here is another! It is the latest project from Thessaloniki, Greece based Beetroot design group:

"The words on the bottle label are in Greek, and are the name of the wine which is "NAKED KING. The words on the wooden box are the whole fairytale "The emperor's clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen and highlighted and bigger are the words "the king is naked".


Brief: A new winemaker contacted us in order to provide a visual identity to their new wine. The wine is of extremely high quality, but free from any filtering or chemical treatments, so it sits there exposed, without any chemical aid for the consumer to taste it.


Solution: "You could say that it was the king of wines ...but a sincere one."  the client said. That reminded us of the Hans Christian Andersen tale "The Emperor's clothes" where the king sits naked and exposed for everyone to see who he really was. So we decided to name the wine "NAKED KING". In order to visually present that, we designed the label of the bottle shaped like a crown and embossed the title NAKED KING instead of printing it. We wanted to show that way it would seem like a naked king, without anything on. For the wooden box we silk printed in the front the tale with big type like in a child book and highlighted the words "The king is naked".


Many more images of the bottle and wooden case after the jump.



Wine_DSC5783_As.Astia100F_2_x740 Mix.wine_DSC5750-53_As.Astia100F_2_x740