KLT Mooncake

KLT Mooncake after 2
KLT Mooncake after

Beautiful work from SWOT Design Group:

"We were challenged to create a contemporary mooncake packaging for KLT that will appeal to the image oriented buyers, whilst retaining the heritage of the traditional brand. Quality mooncakes as gifts are presented to families, friends and even business associates and hence the packaging has to be presented attractively.

Mooncake festival is a season of celebrating harmony, abundance & togetherness, whilst enjoying the taste of the rich mooncake one receives as gifts.

"The design intent was to translate a traditional concept of togetherness with the application of Chinese character ""ren 人"" translated as people or human. The embossed and hotstamping of ""人""  echoes in a circular form to resemble people coming together tocelebrate this festive season under a full moon. 

We gave a bold twist to the colour scheme as well to reflect the colours of quality ingredients used, as most competitors packaging consist hues of reds & golds. The new packaging offers a clear differentiation even on display and it reinforces its progressiveness to the younger target market."