Before & After: Nestle Club


Cowan Designs completes a revolutionary re-brand of 'Club' - Nestle's dark chocolate brand comprising of 6 variants:

"To reposition the brand, Cowan developed a visual device in the form of an ajar door, suggesting an entrance to an intriguing and mysterious world - an invitation to the 'Club' of alluring dark chocolate experiences. This idea was reinforced through the invitation-style envelope packaging format that replaced the generic and cheap looking flow wrap.

With a simple, clear architecture, the new packaging cuts a strong shape on shelf whilst allowing for clear differentiation between product variants. Overall, Cowan have created a unique, ownable brand idea that can be leveraged beyond packaging and across all other communications."

See more images of Nestle Club after the jump, and see the "before" shot.

Original (Hero) BOP2
Club (before