Student Spotlight: Dial Soap Redesign


"The assignment was to take a brand we felt needed a makeover. 

I chose Dial Soap because for a timeless brand that has been around for ages, the packaging looks like it is trying to be like everyone else. I wanted to bring the brand back to its roots with an updated twist. 

Dial was the first anti-bacterial soap ever created. The name Dial came from the phrase "'Round the Clock Protection." I wanted to take the themes of "timeless" and "clock" to make a look of the product working inside the bottle, providing that lasting protection. Such as cogs turning inside of a grandfather clock. Watercolors were used to created a soapy look, such as when water is kissed with soap. The clean white bottles represent the classic clean you get when using Dial. No frills, just lasting protection that smells great."

Designed by Jennifer Sanderson. Share your thoughts in the comments below.