MBeze Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics


CEO and founder Mary Beth Worzella teamed up with Gary Barden of Gary Barden Design to create the packaging design for MBeze, her line of deoderettes and natural skin care products. Mary Beth explains some of the thought behind the packaging:

"I built the line around
the Deodorette. Since this was a product that didn't exist on the
market, the focus was to make really appealing packaging that would
draw the customer's eye to it and go "oh yes, I could use that!"  It
also needed to be chic enough to be carried in your purse on a night
out, etc.  Finally, being a consumer of mostly natural products, I
found the packaging in that category to be pretty boring.  My idea was
even though it's a "green" product, it doesn't have to look it!  That
would also attract a demographic that wasn't quite into the natural
scene, but would give the product a go due to loving the look.  Besides
the packaging, the deodorant is quite effective, so most customers are
using it as their every day deodorant and repeat business is good."

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