Troemner Precision Weight Cases




"The Precision Weight Set Case is a specialized enclosure, designed to secure and showcase a set of up to twenty-four precision-calibrated laboratory weights. These weights range in size from 1mg to 500g and have a flawless, polished finish, giving them a jewel-like appearance. The case presents the weights in an organized array and provides storage for the tweezers and brushes used when handling the weights. By celebrating the beauty of these weights, visible through a transparent plastic lid, the case encourages the user to treat them gently, preserving their calibration--which may be within 0.01mg. The case provides necessary protection during shipment and storage, while solidifying the manufacturer’s brand identity and increasing the perceived value of the weight set."

Designed by Daedalus.

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"With the addition of an outer carton, the case needed to be rugged enough to withstand the drops, vibration, and abusive handling associated with shipping. The case needed to be gentle enough not to damage the weights, as a scratch would remove material and void the calibration. However, materials that attract or harbor dust, such as felt, were to be avoided, as dust particles would add weight, also voiding the calibration.

The appearance of the package needed to clearly announce the brand, and to work well within an existing product line. Additionally, the case needed to convey, and ideally enhance, the perceived value of the weight set. The manufacturer planned a very long production life for the case, making it important that the design of the package be appealing for years to come."

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