Student Spotlight: Staci Paul

Staci Paul is a graphic design student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout who will be graduating in December. You may have seen her fun Valentine beer bottles before; they made the roundsaround Valentine's Day. Here's some more of her work.

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The Dionysus Circle :: Zeus and Semele Wine


The Dionysus Circle is a line of wines each titled with a name of a
greek god or goddess that had some relation to Dionysus, the God of
wine.  Just as each god and goddess has specific characteristics that
make them distinct, each various type of wine holds its unique traits,
and the two are paired accordingly.
For example, Zeus, the god of sky and thunder and
king of the gods, is a strong and masculine figure known for being a
lover at heart. He is appropriately paired with a full bodied red
wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, which produces powerful, meaty notes
with undertones of sweet spice.

back labels of each bottle contain descriptions of each God and Goddess
as well as depiction of the flavors of each kind of wine. The typefaces
on the fronts of the bottles depict the traits and personalities of the
Gods and Goddesses as well. I personally designed the typeface for
Semele, and both front labels were laser engraved.

Airborne :: Identity and Packaging Re-design
Airborne is
an effervescent immunity supplement taken to boost immunity. The aim of
the new identity system and bottle shape is to reflect the bubbly,
effervescent qualities of the product itself as well as the feeling
consumers gain when taking the supplement. A new tagline "happiness is
airborne" is utilized to reflect the idea that happiness can spread
just as germs do, so spread the happiness of Airborne. Happy comments
from customers are printed on the backs of the packaging. The bottles
are complete with a peel-back nutrition label to eliminate the need for
a box, and the caps are magnetic and containing cheery sayings to hang
on the fridge and further enforce the idea of spreading happiness.

Energizer :: Identity and Packaging Re-design
My goal in
re-designing Energizer's Identity system and packaging was to more
suitably reflect the brand qualities of vitality, endurance, and
technological advancement while enhancing shelf presence. Rather than
eliminating the Energizer Bunny, it is incorporated within the logo in
vector form and can stand alone as a recognizable identifier.

Staci's Love Brewing Company :: Variety Pack
This was a personal project created for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. My boyfriend, Jeff,
who is also a designer, loves trying new varieties of beer. To
celebrate the day, I wanted to relish in the good times my boyfriend
and I spend together. The best moments usually occur during various
random adventures, so in the spirit of spontaneity, I designed a
variety pack of beer labels and packaging for him.  He absolutely loved