Record Cover = Record Player


Now that hardly anyone owns a record player, record jackets today must also serve as their own record players. Hence: audio firm, GGRP’s brilliant “cardboard record player” promotion.

Thank to Breno, who commented below, we now know that this particular record-playing cardboard package was actually developed in the late 1960s by GRN, The Global Recording Network, a Christian missionary organization. (More about their CardTalk: here)

Using this package for GGRP’s promo was apparently the idea of Geoff Dawson, associate director

at Grey Vancouver

who handled GGRB’s re-branding. The self-sufficient packaging makes a

very low tech, yet audio-capable record player. According to Dawson,

“It’s actually shocking how good the sound quality is.”

The new promo pack also has its own 1950s-style promotional video, after the jump.