Does white space mean a budget product? Eager drink rebrand


I've been interested to see the comments on Waitrose's Essential design and have had my ear to the ground as to why they made this big change in their packaging. The common perception of Waitrose in the UK is that they're too expensive and that buying basics (or essentials) from them would cost more than at their competitor supermarkets. Is the use of white and pared down packaging design a deliberate attempt to say that you are not paying for expensive, over-packaged or overly-considered products; you're getting what you pay for? If the packaging design looks too "designed" does it then convey too much effort and therefore price?

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Eager Drinks just redesigned their packs to take away the white space, to fill it with a bit more richness. The reason? Consumers felt like in the long life section of the store, too much white or simplicity is associated with a budget product. Their redesign has tried to keep the essence of the old packaging, but adding more colour and life. Does it do the job? Did their product look budget before?

Natasha Chetiyawardana