Castelbel's Portus Cale Collection

PORTUS CALE Butterflies Soap  
PORTUS CALE Humming Bird Candle
PORTUS CALE Pink Peacock Candle

A beautiful collection designed and submitted by Castabel. Designed in house by Harvey Legg.

"Beautiful Portuguese Fine Toiletry Soaps and Home Fragrance. Exclusive Collections, Capturing the Spirit of Porto. Inspired by the latest trends in colour, fragrance and fashion design, Castelbel's Portus Cale collection is an eclectic range of the finest soap and home fragrance products, hand-crafted in the beautiful valleys of northern Portugal."

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PORTUS CALE Antique Rose Candle 
PORTUS CALE Antique Rose soap set PORTUS CALE butterflies soap set PORTUS CALE Butterflies Diffuser PORTUS CALE Butterflies CandlePORTUS CALE Humming Bird Diffuser PORTUS CALE Floral Toile candle