Solberg & Hansen


Designed by Norwegian design firm, Anti:

Have you seen the future of coffee? Which coffee beans will be the most
popular next year, who shall deliver the best coffee? Solberg &
Hansen, one of the best and oldest coffee houses in Norway, established
in 1879, has always strived to accomplish to be the best in the market
and bring you the finest coffee available. Seeking predictions from
reading coffee grounds, is a well known method in order to search for
the answers we have about the future.The brand, logo and the signature
symbol along with typography and the precise information about coffee
helps the brand step up its position in the market and stand out. By
adding the fresh blue color together with the ability tell a story
through careful and well thought-out design, this new image shows that
this brand is urgently trying to differentiate and stand out from the
traditional competitors that exist in this market.

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