Student Spotlight: Geneviève Côté


"If it is indirectly the quest of spices that led

to the discovery of the Americas by Europeans, the passion has

definitely not had much influence on American cuisine and, in fact,

except salt, pepper marginal and some spices, we are collectively

ignorant regarding all these subtleties that distinguish the food of

men from that of animals.

Geneviève Côté

in my packaging

course has investigated this issue and tried to solve some problems

identified as a cause for the cultural deprivation. First, the spices

should not be exposed to light and therefore; she must develop an

opaque package. Secondly, the fact that spices are often poorly

identified and badly presented, there is a problem of identification

but also recovery to be solved. In short, we forget the contents of all

bags lying in the bottom of the closet and therefore we don’t use them.

The major concept was based on the recovery of the spice through a very

graphic gesture.

Genevieve was very busy in developing those

pretty triangular prisms for a large number of spices known and less

known. The result is striking and the modular boxes allow very

interesting geometrical configurations." -Sylvain Allard

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