Mom's Healthy Secrets

Concept redesign by Tibor Hegedues:

"Background: Mom's Healthy Secrets is a small company with a big impact. Headed by Julie Arora, it has its own brand of cereals distributed across Canada. The company's name is anything but false advertising: the original recipes for the healthy cereals come from Julie's mother. The current cereal box looks rather plain and fails to truly convey the company spirit. Moreover, it doesn't really stand out enough among the many cereals available in Canada (in the future also in the USA).

Task Definition: Create a new design for the Mom's Healthy Secrets product line. The single most compelling reason to buy these product is for their specific functions (Fibre, Omegas, Anti-oxidants, Reduced Calories). In addition to looking appetizing, healthy, and high-quality, your boxes should communicate

    •    taste (emphasise fruits)
    •    the organic / natural aspect

Furthermore, the design should generate visibility / attention (Buy me!), and communicate what Mom's Healthy Secrets stands for.

The Idea: the Package was inspired by the typical Milk and Fruit-Boxes. Both food fits perfect to a yummie Muesli meal. The Package Design is pure - handmade fonts (Mom's heritage) combined with seperate ingredient to enhance a modern and unseen approach. And last not least the tetra-muesli-carton will be totaly new in this food segment. This idea can be production-related realized."