Student Spotlight: Erica Hill

Three projects from Erica Hill, a recent graduate of The Art Institute of California - San Francisco:


"Spectrum is a sophisticated art supply line created for serious artists. Its clean, contemporary design and bold colors make the packaging pop on the shelf and encourage consumers to pick the products. The rich black background frames the logo's vibrant colors and gives Spectrum a high-class feel that their consumers appreciate."


"Six is a fresh, new fruit drink created for trendy, active people who want a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Its minimal, bold design demands attention and immediately attracts the consumer. The deep black logo against the bright colors of the fruit drink gives it an edgy feeling that will compete with the packaging of any energy drink."

One project more after the jump.


"Lure is a personal care line that caters to chic and stylish women who love being pampered. Lure's subtle but rich colors convey the sophistication and luxury women will feel when using the product. The contrast between the soft colors and bold logo makes the brand easily recognizable."