Sensis Condoms



Designed by Spring Design Partners

Anyone who knows me in real life is probably laughing at the fact that I'm posting about condoms. But I really love this design! In particular, the line drawings, which are very illustrative but tasteful. They are neither too graphic nor too cartoony. You can see the full set of drawings below.

I think the name and logo typography are clever as well, playing off the QuikStrips technology that makes these condoms different from others. (For more information on that, check out the Sensis website, which as far as I can tell is safe -- although perhaps awkward -- for work.) Overall, a clean appealing package that I find far more attractive than this product's big name competitors.

That said, the big name competitors do have an advantage in terms of their brand's perceived trustworthiness. It will be interesting to see how Sensis performs -- no pun intended -- over time, and to see if good design helps the brand build its own positive reputation.

Sensis1  Sensis3 

Sensis4 Sensis2 


Kristan Hoffman