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"Works with Water Nutraceuticals is the UK’s first company to develop a range of soluble food supplements – launched in June and November 2009 - containing ingredients which are clinically proven to have a direct impact on health problems such as blood pressure, acne and cholesterol.

The term ‘nutraceuticals’ defines products that contain targeted ingredients considered to provide specific medicinal and health benefits. Works with Water Nutraceuticals only formulate with functional ingredients which have solid, human-trialled science to support specific health claims.

The products in the range include help: clear skin, help: blood pressure and help: cholesterol and all come in sachet delivery format to allow consumers to add to their beverage or soft food of choice for ease of consumption. The key ingredient levels used in the final formulations ensure that the consumer can easily receive the RDA to achieve the specific health benefit, as dosages are specifically aligned against clinical trial data."

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