Pret A Manger Redesigns Sparkling Juice Line

Pretamanger_orange_large Pretamanger_all_large

International café chain Pret A Manger has launched a rejuvenated look for its range of Pure Pret sparkling fresh juices using Pictoris™ high quality print technology from CROWN. The company, which specializes in freshly prepared, natural products, partnered with Crown to create a visually appealing beverage can that reflects its brand image and values. 

The new Pure Pret cans feature detailed typography and stunning images of Pret A Manger's iconic food-based characters, such as a goldfish cleverly formed by parts of an orange. The detailed graphics realistically emulate the textures of the fruits used in the juices to communicate flavors, which include Sparkling Orange, Apple, Elderflower & Grape, Ginger Beer and Yoga Bunny Detox. To produce these detailed graphics, Pictoris™ high quality print makes use of proprietary separation techniques and special, high resolution printing plates, allowing for improved dot spacing and superior print reproduction of complex images directly onto a metal surface.

The characters on the new Pure Pret cans are displayed on a clear white background, which maintains visual synergy with other Pret A Manger products further strengthening its brand identity, while the clean design hints at the beverage's natural ingredients. Another major component of the new Pure Pret can design is its ability to create an association with the wider Pret A Manger mission and passion for well-being with informative fact panels about the company's use of natural and preservative-free ingredients.

"Intelligent and savvy customers want to be entertained and packaging should be used as a tool to engage and inform. Once we had worked through the concepts for our sparkling Pure Pret drinks, the challenge was simple – to showcase these beautiful eye-catching designs on our cans," said James Cannell, International Head of Creative, Pret A Manger. "The support from Crown and their collaborative way of working was nothing short of inspiring. Focused and dedicated, everyone rose to the challenge and the final result is striking and beautiful packaging that looks fantastic in our shops, is a hit with our customers and that makes our team incredibly proud. A huge amount of passion goes into all of the products we make and it's wonderful to be able to reflect it in the designs we produce."