Cauldron Foods


I walked past this range in one of the UK supermarkets the other day and had to walk back to have a better look. 

As a range of vegetarian foods (mostly tofu) Cauldron's packaging isn't overly serious. There's an assertion towards the idea of it being "real" food, not only from the name but the hand-done elements to the packaging. The logo feels like it was written on the front with a Sharpie. There's also a strong system to the design; the product shots "grow" out of the logo, compounding the idea of natural food. These elements are married with a sketch of other ingredients to give a bit of appetite appeal. All in all I think the packaging marries together a sense of the product being handmade, having real ingredients and being good for you – without feeling too manufactured like other tofu products. 

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Natasha Chetiyawardana