True Lemon

TrueLemon 32ct RNDR

Blue Marlin crafts ground-breaking design for True Lemon®:

"Independent integrated branding agency Blue Marlin has created vibrant new packaging for True Lemon®, cold-pressed and crystallized lemon that has the potential to revolutionize lemon usage. The stunning new look will be rolled out this month. 

True Lemon® is made with 100 percent natural ingredients including lemon oils and juices. It has 0 calories and 0g carbs, 0g sugars and no artificial sweeteners, and no preservatives, sodium or gluten. Like bagged lettuce and baby carrots, it is a new format for a familiar product that increases potential usage occasions. True Lemon®, which has been on the market for six years, tastes just like fresh lemon and can be used any place fresh lemon juice is used including water, teas, beverages/drinks, cooking, baking and seasoning.  

“The first challenge we faced was to explain what the heck it is,” says Blue Marlin New York managing director Jean Koeppel. “True Lemon® is  truly unqiue and as a result some stores were unsure of where to put it – some some stocked it alongside powdered beverages, others with sweeteners and some with produce. We needed to create a clear proposition without weighing down the identity with too much information.” 

“We explored a number of different routes to express the brand’s personality which is genuine, innovative, passionate, fun and a little maverick,” she continues. “The final visual identity uses a mouth-watering hyper-real illustration of the fruit’s skin that really jumps off the shelf at you. It is loud and proud and conveys the brand message that True Lemon® is real lemon, only better without the need for tons of copy.” 

“Blue Marlin did an outstanding job for us. Their team was able to find a brillant solution to a real challenge: translating what makes True Lemon® unique onto the package. We’re very excited about our new look which is fresh, modern, natural and iconic,” says Matthew Wiant, CEO of Grand Brands, the maker of the True family of products. 

The new look is also being applied to all the other True products including True Lime™, True Orange™, True Lemon® Lemonade and True Lemon® Raspberry Lemonade."

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TrueLime 32ct RNDR
TrueOrange 32ct RNDR