Pearlfisher has created the identity and packaging design for Zadina – a new and innovative luxury Emirati store concept masterminded by Al Foah (the largest global producer of dates). 

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The opening of Zadina reflects the UAE’s leadership of the dates sector globally and has been designed to be the cultural ambassador of the Emirati dates culture. Zadina’s product range which includes both the highest quality Emirati dates, as well as a range of new and innovative date-based products, is targeting both the local date connoisseurs and international gourmet food lovers. The brief was to create a powerful new brand identity that redefines the rich but old Arabian art and culture but in a contemporary and light way to help successfully establish UAE dates in the global market and build their reputation as the best dates in the world. The Pearlfisher team created an identity and marque for the Zadina brand inspired by opulent Arabic script that echoes the provenance of the brand. The typography of the identity uses a rich gold calligraphy with fluid lines. The actual marque, although abstract in appearance, does contain the Arabic word for 'dates'. This identity has been translated across the packaging for a range of Zadina products from jams and pastries to ice creams with the number of products within the Zadina portfolio continually growing. Natalie Chung for Pearlfisher comments, “We wanted Zadina to embody the true essence of dates to celebrate an Arabian lifestyle, its sensitivity, depth and exoticism. Through the use of the marque we can establish and create an own-able language and iconography for the brand moving into the future." Ghada Fikry Abdelshafei For Al Foah adds, “Zadina embodies the traditional Arabic culture founded on warmth and a sense of hospitality. We love the design that Pearlfisher has created for this packaging experience which reflects the strategy across the whole store concept by combining heritage and modernity in a light and welcoming way.”

The flagship Zadina store opened in Abu Dhabi at the end of September. There are plans to open two more stores in the UAE later this year and further plans to establish new branches in the world’s leading airports and cities, in countries such as Tokyo, London, Paris and New York.