"OOO” Boutique Condoms


"Now here’s a stocking stuffer that’s bound to get the holidays a-rockin’! This fall, Los Angeles-based “ooo” boutique launched a line of upscale, fashion-forward condoms (please see press release below), most of which are available as beautifully packaged singles. Whether the intention is naughty or nice, gift-givers can choose from each of the company’s art of lust, passion pack and tryst lines. Also available are their signature singles, which come in chic, metallic-grey paper sleeves embossed with the “ooo” logo (the perfect pairing for a glass of bubbly on New Year’s!)." Designed by Parcel Design.

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“ooo” boutique is dramatically changing the way condoms are presented in the retail environment, creating fashionable packaging that stimulates conversation for these must-have accessories. Their condoms are stylish and sophisticated – perfect for holiday gift-giving that says just as much about the giver as the recipient.

With the launch of its unique line of sophisticated and stylish condoms, “ooo”™ boutique has turned a must-have accessory into an opportunity to stimulate conversation and make a distinct and confident personal statement. The young company is already helping to revolutionize the way we think about condoms – packaging them for the first time in ways that sexually savvy, fun-loving urbanites are proud to carry, use, and give as gifts.

Available as of summer 2010, “ooo” boutique condoms suit a variety of moods, adventures and relationships. Expressive in ways entirely unique to the condom industry, they reflect young urbanites’ self-confidence, taste and consideration for their partners. There are six varieties of packaging for three different condoms: exquisite ultra thin condoms (feel me™), stimulating pleasure-shaped condoms (rock me™), and sumptuous flavored condoms (savor me™).

The beautifully boxed condoms and gift sets represent a significant departure from other condoms available in the retail market. They feature photographs of whimsical erotic locales (take me™), Kung Fu Sutra™ pen-and-ink artwork, limited edition series from up-and-coming artists (art of lust™) and several other designs to suit different occasions and personalities. All are available as gift sets and most are available as singles. All are FDA approved, individually tested, and exceed all international standards for quality and reliability. Retail prices range from $1.99 (singles) to $24.95 (gift sets).

“‘ooo’ boutique condoms underscore safer sex, while never taking an eye off the importance of having fun,” said Adam Glickman, president and CEO of Condomania, an industry leader and “ooo” boutique partner. “They make a bold, stylish statement unlike I’ve seen before and should be a part of every young person’s wardrobe. They’ll inspire some new adventures, too!”

All “ooo” boutique products exemplify the company tagline: Whatever you do, wherever you do it, and whomever you do it with, always do it with style.™