"In 2003, Welsh family famers, Laurence and Eira Harris launched a range of naturally flavoured organic milk drinks from their Organic Dairy in Pembrokeshire. The milks were delicious and gained many loyal followers wherever they were sampled, and their Welsh roots made them a firm favourite with local retailers." Full size after the jump!


Designed by BrandMe. "We began talking with them about their ambition and vision to grow Daioni, (which actually means Welsh for ‘goodness’). Very quickly it became clear that the packaging presentation they had was completely underselling these delicious milk drinks from Wales, which are organic, low in sugar and fat free with no preservatives or artificial colour.  The new packaging design captures the informal, down-to-earth approach of the Welsh farm where Daioni comes from. Our graphic execution semiotically conveys the unadulterated nature of the product and adds charm and provenance through the intrinsic link of the typically Welsh brown cow and the Daioni logotype. The white background on the pack is hugely important as it crucially communicates freshness and the light taste of Daioni milk. It was also a significant colour to apply because the product will sit alongside UHT and long-life milk in store, and therefore needs to reassure consumers that it is not a heavy or gloopy flavoured milk product.  

Simple woodblock style typography adds to the ‘nothing to hide’ tone of voice and helps clearly differentiate the flavours. The flavours are also communicated on the top of the pack with small-illustrations applied as mini wallpaper, with full bleed colours used in the background. Little bananas against yellow were used for the banana flavour, and tiny strawberries against red for the strawberry variety. This helps to emphasise the naturalness of the milk flavouring, moving Daioni away from an artificial design treatment. 

This refresh has now positioned Daioni as a modern and individual brand, full of passion and energy – making it stand out against the big players and punch high above its weight."