Lust Swiss Boutique Chocolate

"At Shift. we love chocolate. Dark chocolate. Bitter chocolate. Sweetchocolate. Semisweet chocolate. Couverture chocolate. Giandujachocolate. Basically any kind of chocolate apart from that insult tomankind known as "white chocolate." This is why we've been thrilled towork with the founders of Lust Swiss Boutique Chocolate to create theidentity and packaging system for their new brand targeting chocolatelovers around the world."


"Lust Swiss Boutique Chocolate is a sensuous blend of exquisiteingredients designed to seduce your palate. Privately owned andlocated in Lucerne, Switzerland, Lust was created by chocolateconnoisseurs, for chocolate lovers around the world.

Working directly with the founders of Lust, we created the identityand packaging system for the brand, conducted consumer research, androlled out the design across six indulgent variants – from pure darkchocolate plates to Champagne truffles.

The bold identity is inspired by the idea of a passionate kiss wherelipstick smudges when Lust takes over. It communicates a sense ofpassion and urgency that the Lust name demands, yet remains true tothe brand’s premium positioning.
Prepare to give in to the ultimate chocolate temptation. Prepare togive in to Lust."

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