Monteith's Varietals

"We aimed to create a range of posters to encourage people to try the wide range of beer varietals, that evoked a sense of taste and place in line with the new master brand."


Individual theming is used for each of seven varietals to promote the distinct characteristics of that beer. Visual and copy elements highlight the links between the flavours and attributes of the products and the natural West Coast of New Zealand that inspires them. For example, using a wordmark to link between a smooth black Monteith’s Black beer and the sand between your toes from a West Coast black sand beach.

We used carefully crafted, visceral photography to build characteristic imagery behind each of the seven Monteith’s varietals. The photographic backdrops were specifically built for each scene, reflecting the theme and flavour of the beer flavours to connect with the consumer and moreemotive level than simply through illustration."

Designed by Designworks