"The Case: Russian confectionery market is in heavy progress now. So far it is not yet saturated, keeping on evolving and growing up. Confectionary products with added value have a high appeal to consumers and this forms the main trend in the market. Souffle market, for example, had been growing greatly for the last years rising up to 20% year-to-year. The SladKo company started uptake of the Soufle segment in the beginning of 2010."

Designed by Kian

"The Solution: Though confectionary products with souffle has a versatile consumer profile, souffle itself has a high appeal to women due to light and airy texture and low fat content. Thus KIAN brand agency decided to focus on female audience and came up with MonLiebe brand concept which is quite feminine, tender and a bit naïve. Brand concept is built around the character of Sofie little girl. Brand story is being told through Sofie’s diary where one could find her dreams and fantasies. Each SKU brings out a page from Sofie’s diary with a story related to certain flavor and drawing consumer’s attention to the new items in product line. Visual identity of MonLiebe brand is based on colored crayon illustrations. This manner allows MonLiebe to communicate an image of European brand with authentic quality and its own unique character. Such bright and remarkable execution made it easy for the brand to challenge the market, where only leader has a clear-cut proposition and distinctive visual identity, and to create a strong position among rivals in consumer’s minds."