Before & After: Sub Zero

UK based , Bluegg, designed this award winning rebrand for a legendary ice cream.  More info and pics after the break!



Mr Creemy, a legendary Welsh ice cream maker needed to rebrand following a dispute over its trademark. It was decided that a whole new direction was needed, time had moved on, Mr Creemy hadn’t. We needed a design style and packaging system that would attract a new, younger, more affluent audience, stand off the shelf amongst its competitors and assert itself as a major contender in the local ice cream isle.


The solution was Subzero Ice Cream – an ultra cool, contemporary ice cream brand for the 21st century. A simple typographic approach was taken to create a clear, consistent message and impact. This was used alongside bright, vibrant colours to bring the design to life. Branding has been applied to packaging, marketing collateral, exhibition systems and a website is currently in development.


The new Subzero brand has now been accepted into major supermarkets, Asda and Tesco and is being rolled out across Wales. Kevin Jenkins, Chief ice cream maker said, 'I couldn’t have asked for more from Bluegg . They have created a completely new brand, which is vibrant and imaginative. Their approach is always full of personality which is why they’ve been able to capture everything that Subzero is about.'”