Azeite Gallo Colheita ao Luar

Designed by Portugal design studio RMAC

Task: Development of packaging for the new Azeite Gallo Colheita ao Luar, a higher quality olive oil that needs to convey the essence of its innovative concept and assumes a proeminent position in the segments of a market where it belongs.

Idea: From the perspective of the harvest moon, a certain time of the day in which the olives’ qualities are at their peak and give rise to an exceptional quality olive oil, creating a single bottle that can be identified at first glance. A literal approach, which plans to merge in a unique way the night’s darkness (matte black bottle) and the moon’s glowing brightness (silver cover and screen print on the bottle), which illuminates the olives and gives it a very special character.

Category: FoodSalih Kucukaga