Before & After: Tequila Don Julio


"Tequila Don Julio, the tequila of choice in Mexico, was the first brand to introduce the shorter tequila bottle, thus they have always been a leader in the field when it comes to packaging design. Tequila Don Julio Blanco, Reposado and Añejo will boast modernized eye-catching designs that retain its authentic cues with a contemporary look and feel."
"Each new bottle has a distinct silhouette differentiating it from other variants within the Don Julio portfolio as well as from other brands – Don Julio is the only tequila to offer diverse packaging for each of its marques.  The bottles are reminiscent of their original shapes but with an updated twist, and all three variants have redesigned features.  The bottles now have a new lip to enhance the pouring ritual of tequila and there is consistent embossing across the traditional hand-blown Mexican glass bottles. "



Previous Packaging