Before & After: Aunt Nellies


Dragon Rouge Gives Aunt Nellie’s Pickled Vegetable Brand a Makeover: "Seneca Food’s Aunt Nellie’s brand of pickled vegetables enjoys a large and loyal following of older consumers. From whole and sliced pickled beets to 3-bean salad and corn relish, the familiar glass-packed jars have preserved its farm-fresh taste, With rising interest in the farm-fresh movement from a younger generation, Seneca was perfectly positioned to speak to a broader demographic."
"In order for the brand to remain relevant and differentiated at shelf and appeal to a larger consumer pool, Seneca turned to international brand and design consultancy, Dragon Rouge, to develop a contemporized packaging design to appeal to younger consumers.
The Dragon Rouge team infused modern design cues into the package without losing the full expression of the strong equity built around authentic farm-fresh production.
The winning design remains true to the farm-like heritage; using photography of ingredients to increase taste appeal; and assigning a new and powerful color-coded banding system to ease consumer navigation across the range and increase shelf impact. The package design solution exemplifies how a mature American brand can be contemporized without alienating its loyal following or losing its strong equity."


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