Genezen Gin

Vanessa Vanselow created the look for Genezen Gin. "In creating a Gin bottle, I was inspired by traditional Dutch Gin and the concept that it was one used as a remedy during the black plague, as they believed that Gin had medicinal qualities that could heal. The name ‘Genezen’ is Dutch for ‘remedy’, reflecting this historical aspect." Full size photos after the jump!

"I chose a tall cylinder bottle and painted it black, reflecting the idea of the black plague, whilst also differentiating itself from the market as most Gin bottles are clear or tinted glass. I created a patterned form of the logo creating a geometric and simplistic structure, using black and cream text. I chose these two colours as they work well together and reflect the medicinal theme. Similarly, the black text on the black bottle create an aesthetically pleasing harmony that translates as premium quality as most people associate black packaging with being more high end and exclusive. The Gin information is displayed on a label that embodies the shape of a hospital armband, adding the final touch to my traditional Dutch Gin."