Little Barn

Robot-food have just completed the design of a new brand of entirely new 'homemade to homebake' products called The Little Barn.

The Little Barn prepare and sell a range of ready to bake mixes, dough and toppings to allow you to make freshly baked treats at home without the hassle of preparation. Nicola Grant started the company from a little converted barn next to her house in Burn Bridge, near Harrogate and has many years of baking experience with her five daughters!

The convenient, chilled homemade products are perfect for any food retail environment and as it’s an entirely new concept, Robot-food have created a strong brand that's full of colour to offer some real shelf shout. The pot labels are in a two-tone in a ‘bero’ bakery style and the agency utilised Simon Inman of it’s own ‘Artist Network’ to illustrate a scene that joins the logo and wraps around the pot to create personality and link information.

Mike Shaw, Design Director at Robot-food said: “With the story book style imagery and bakery pastel colourways we hope to appeal to children and adults alike. We look forward to every meeting with Nicola as she’s not only great to work with, but also brings us cookies and cakes. It’s now her turn to have her cake and eat it”.

The Little Barn will be launching in November with a range of chilled product pots including Sponge Mixes, Chocolate Brownie Mix, Cookie Dough and a range of toppings and icing. With a massive resurgence in traditional baking and a general obsession for cupcakes it’s sure to be a hit, so expect to see it in a fridge near you soon!