Before and After: Bausch+Lomb Renu


After: New packaging and identity

Bausch + Lomb, the Rochester, NY-based optics and eye-care company, have debuted a new corporate identity, designed by Paul Scher and her team at Pentagram New York. In addition, Scher and company have redesigned the brand identity for B+L's renu® multi-purpose solution, and accompanying packaging.


Before: Previous packaging and identity

According to the post on the Pentagram Blog:

The renu® identity and packaging have been designed to stand apart from the competition in the category, which includes brands from manufacturers like Alcon, Allergan, Johnson & Johnson and Ciba Vision. The packaging of all these brands uses colors of blue and green and motifs of waves, curves and circles (or bubbles) to allude to water, liquid and moisture. The new renu® packaging drops the allusion and uses an actual photograph of a wave of water that wraps around the package.


Update renu packaging set against the competition

Clearly, we can see how the new packaging will stand out among competing brands. Chances are, this is going to be the start of a trend and will lead to copycat designs in the sector. 


details of Fresh sub-brand, and secondary packaging

From the above photos, we can see the new identities in action, but here is a closer look and the befores-and-afters.


Before: previous corporate logo

After: no diagrams necessary


Before: previous ReNu logo


After: more personable and friendly

According to Pentragram, "Scher and her team are currently redesigning the identities and packaging for several of Bausch + Lomb’s consumer and pharmaceutical lines. These redesigns will be launched later this year."