Student Spotlight: Pitertsev Mikhail

New work from Pitertsev Mikhail, a student at the British Higher School of Arts and Design in Moscow, Russia:

"Nova - 100% natural instant coffee. It has 3 SKU: Coffee with the promoted maintenance of caffeine (200% caffeine), coffee classic(100% caffeine), coffee  with sedative herbages(0% caffeine). Тhis coffee is intended to satisfy the following consumer needs: raising of energy, energy maintenance , receipt of calming effect without changing favourite drink. Packing purpose - to get up on a shelf against a category".

"CityDay is a drink on the basis of mineral water with addition of natural juice. It is counted on young people living in the cities which lead the healthy way of life. All drinks render different affecting user - from sedative to the waking up effect".

More images of his two projects after the jump.