"The Kirin brand was re-launched in the Australian market in late 2007 and has been remarkably successful. The packaging alone has supported significant growth with no above-the-line support and limited below-the-line communication.

The packaging outcomes marked the adoption of clear pressure sensitive labeling techniques to the Lion Nathan business and the approach has been used as a milestone outcome within the business. Inspired by the simplicity, purity and Japanese craftsmanship, the identity and packaging have been created using traditional Japanese methods. This is also a reflection of the ‘first press’ beer style which uses a pure filtration process to extract the best of the brew. The Kanji (Japanese characters) and ‘brush-stroke’ calligraphy have been created by an authentic Japanese calligrapher and artist are sympathetic to Japanese traditions and meet exacting standards for approval by the Kirin Holding company. 

All packaging components used the highest levels of production standards available including a single UV varnish with high-build raise on the bottle with a foil neck, a UV varnish with emboss on the 6 pack and a spot UV varnish on the carton."

Designed by Australia based Didonato.