Lucky Bucket Brewing Company


Here's one of the latest designs from studio Archrival for Lucky Bucket Brewing Company. You can see more images on Archrival's website.

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Archrival was hired to help name, brand, package, and market a new craft beer company that recently launched in Omaha, Nebraska.


The challenge was to develop a distinct and memorable brand for the company to present a timeless image of quality, craft, and fun.


After extensive market and competitive research, Archrival began with developing the brand name. After several rounds of concepts, trademark testing, and consumer feedback, the final name was selected, Lucky Bucket Brewing


Archrival then developed the Lucky Bucket identity, including logo, corporate stationery, and brand style guide. Next came development of  brand extensions, including signage and POS materials, pint glasses, delivery truck wraps, apparel, and website.

Then came packaging design for the flagship Lucky Bucket beer - a pre-prohibition lager. Finally, we developed print ads for the local cultural newspapers.

Currently we are working on packaging for their next product release, an IPA.

Picture 4


Lucky Bucket launched to high local anticipation in January of 2009. Initial consumer, trade, and media reactions have been highly positive. Demand for the beer is exceeding supply, and the brand is rapidly attracting loyal fans.