Student Spotlight: Imelda Halim, Glidden Paint




Imelda Halim, a soon to be graduate from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena has send in one of her latest projects:

"Glidden is one of the top selling paint manufacturer that serves four main customer segments: industrial, large professional, remodeler/small professional contractor, and the do-it-yourself consumer. Here, I focused on the do-it-yourself consumers, although it is still applicable for the small professional contractor as well.

Inspired by the architectural growth and style of minimalism, the newly designed logo express the field that it is in and as for the original cylindrical shaped paint container, it is being updated to a rectangular shaped container as it maximizes more space in nature. The added grip makes the container easier for hold and pour. Another new feature is the double lid opening, which allows stirring, pouring and painting all in one single container.

A newly designed brush is created to accompany the new Glidden design, also inspired by the straight angular nature of architecture, the brush is versatile as it allows various ways of usage. The angular shape allows more space in between the brush and the surface it is on so it creates less mess."