Paul Smith Man




Following yesterday's Paul Smith for Evian post, we have stumbled across the packaging for his newest fragrance, Paul Smith Man:

"Introducing Paul Smith 'MAN', a strong and masculine fragrance which embodies the very essence of British Elegance and sophistication.

The fragrance’s three facets blends together to create a unique identity, which will stand out in a crowd. The opening mixes a sparking blend of yuzu, bergamot and anise providing a surprising tonic sensation. A wave of vibrant spices reinforces the signature. Patchouli and incense express the daring side of the Paul Smith MAN. The seductive, contemporary sensuality is then revealed by the combination of powdery orris, sophisticated violet and addictive tonka beans.

“I am very happy with my new Male fragrance ‘Paul Smith MAN’ because it’s so easy to wear but has a clear character which comes from a blend of bergamot and anise, but with the addition of patchouli and Iris which are scents I have loved for many years. It gives the unexpected element which is something I do with my design for clothes”. Paul Smith."

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