M&S launches new Beer & Cider range.


Brandhouse created the packaging design in collaboration with M&S Marketing and Design, for the entire range, the results of which are modern, fresh, and specifically don't conform to existing category stereotypes.
Each label has a hidden idea relating to a quirky story taken from the brewery, it's worth taking a second look! see individuals after jump...

•-BITTER-Lincolnshire •-BEER-southwold-winter •-ALE-Essex• CIDER-Pear-herefordshire • CIDER-Raspberry-herefordshire • CIDER-breton • LAGER-checz • LAGER-Spanish- •-IPA-staffordshire• BEER-tripel-abbey-•-PORTER-Chocolate •-BEER-Bavarian  • CIDER-taditional • CIDER-vintage •-PORTER-London