Monty's Beef Jerky


Monty’s Smoked Jerky is a family owned and operated brand out of Kansas. The company uses high quality beef, with no artificial growth hormones or steroids in all their products.  As part of Monty’s new product launch, MIGHTYkarma Design was hired to create new packaging and graphics that reflected Monty’s simple, no-nonsense approach to delivering a high quality snack within the premium snack food category.

About MIGHTYkarma: "MIGHTYkarma is a mindful group of talented people devoted to defining how communication can empower both brands and humanity. Motivated by what we love, and how we live, we are driven to do more than just design. Through our shared success with clients, we give10% of our profits to charity every year. It's our personal mission to promote change in the world."

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