Fruits & Passion: Imagine

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The newest line from Fruits & Passion: Imagine, designed by A&B Workshop. Over the years we have featured featured many of Fruits & Passion's lines, such as Art Home, Hot Dog, Shampoo, and Cucina

"Who: Fruits & Passion creates and manufactures a line of personal care and ambiance products that stand apart in quality and originality. What: Fruits & Passion brand is well established in Canada and is now branching out around the world. How: Redesign the identity and position them as a pleasure brand. We developed a signature "Life's too short" & we created an imaginary world of evasion with an aromatic esthetic. From this "collage" a 2 minute motion design was developed to run into the boutique as a brand experience. This visual was also decline in a new line of fruity personal care."

More images of the imaginary world they created after the jump.