Studio Spotlight: ARC'S


ARC’S is an independent Italian agency in Turin, involved in strategic

design – packaging design, brand identity, corporate design.

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FIAT 500 – Optionals / 2008

FIAT Auto has launched the new 500, a truly Italian myth – now revisited and hyper-modernised. It is the new international icon of Turin’s automotive company renovation strategy.

ARC’S has designed the packaging of its optional accessories. Soft and sinuous curves moulded in a double plastic shell (white PVC inside and transparent PET outside) hint at the shape of the object contained inside. The object is set on a polyurethane bed.

The project was entirely designed by ARC’S, from the initial creative ideas to 3D models finalization.


Kimberly Clark asked for a restyling of its Huggies Unistar nappies line. The aim was to highlight the novelty of the product with a packaging of greater appeal to mark a new brand positioning within Huggies entire range of products. ARC’S interpretation of the project has focused on giving back the lead role to the famous blue hippo Pippo – a brand legacy from the Lines acquisition. The main restyling elements looked for a far more emotional, rather than technical, product-customer communication style. This resulted in brighter and more intense colour codes, an update of all children’s photo references, and the new Huggies Unistar logo.

LAVAZZA – Grandi Auguri / 2007

The packaging consists of a telescopic tin containing two separate coffee packs. When one of the two packs is opened, the tin is filled up to keep the coffee in the fridge to maintain its fragrance.

Lavazza Grandi Auguri is an emotional warm object despite its metal, celebrative, functional characteristics. The tin may be reused infinitely.

MARTINI & ROSSI – Icons / 2008

Martini is one of Italy’s most successful brands worldwide. Martini changed its bottle layout in 2007 and is now willing to change its consumption strategy to play the lead role among the aperitifs. Its drinking repertoire wants to appeal to young adults and captivate them.

By keeping the product the protagonist, ARC’S defined Martini’s new brand identity for outdoor and night consumption. ARC’S identified the 3-glass-icon as the key to opening the door to the aperitifs range and to the world they represent.

ARC’S concepts for Martini’s identity strengthen and revise the brand, introducing a new system of signs in perfect harmony with the already existing elements.

ARC’S created the original concept and the visual system, and defined the design of all the bar/clubs objects to support the campaign.

NUTELLA FERRERO – Carnival Limited Edition / 2009

Two souls live in one of the best-beloved and well-known products worldwide: Nutella. A legendary, playful, imaginative soul lives with a nutritious one.

Nutella’s cult is celebrated thanks to its limited editions, too, which mark year-round pivotal moments.

ARC’S designed the packaging for Nutella Carnival + Easter 2008 and Carnival 2009 editions for the Italian market, setting a modern, fresh, and elegant style.

VISAMORIS – Pigato wine / 2009

Liguria is the coastal region of Northwest Italy also known as the Riviera, birthplace of renowned wines and olive oils.

ARC’S has joined the project of Visamoris (literally from Latin “The strenght of love”), a small and high-quality producer from Imperia. ARC’S designed a premium brand identity for wine and olive oil bottle labels, though preserving the evocative elemento of the original brand spirit.