Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

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Black Fleece is an elite clothing brand designed by Thom Browne for Brooks Brothers. The packaging above is for the new Black Fleece fragrance, which was designed by NYC-based Established. The fragrance was just launched last night at as a part of the "Fashion Night Out" event in NYC.


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This packaging for Brooks Brothers combines the traditional world of fine tailoring with the distinctly forward thinking attitude of Thom Brown’s Black Fleece collections. Ceramics and references to office stationary of the 1940s are reinterpreted in a thoroughly modern way. A zip-strip on the secondary packaging tears off to remove all graphics, revealing a pure white inner box, containing layers of cut-out felt and fabric used in suit-making, cushioned around the bottle. This unique way of holding the bottle replaces the usual plastic or cardboard protection generally used, while reflecting the heritage of the brand in tailoring. The packaging is 100% recyclable.

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